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31 Dec 2015 |


From banging on the lunch tables in high school to writing over instrumentals and vinyl recording on a Panasonic boombox, rap has always been an encouraging diversion from his harsh reality. During his freshmen year in high school AMG moved to Phoenix, Arizona to finish high school. After high school Hustle returned to Michigan and moved to Flint, Michigan where he attended Baker College. He ended up switching and going to Michigan Barber College where he obtained his Barber license. While cutting hair full-time and owning his own barbershop in Detroit, Hustle continued to pen verse, recording his songs with basic music software programs borrowed from his friends. 

Hip-Hop was the escape Hustle needed growing up. The Detroit, Michigan native had once became a product of his problematic environment. With little direction, Hustle had turned to a life of hustling in the streets of Detroit. It was this lifestyle that would teach him a valuable lesson and motivate him to choose a new path — a path where all roads leading towards the rap industry. He would hook up a small microphone to a laptop and record features for several mixtapes. He used music as therapy, AMG found himself focusing more on the aspects of a career in hip hop and less on the events that lead him there. He feels now is the time to go HARD as possible because no one is promise tomorrow.

Moving back to Phoenix, AMG began pushing his lyrical journey full time just over a year ago and teamed up with his brother Ben Hood and formed Money Motivated Entertainment. After releasing his Mixtape “AZ Chill’N Vol. 1 hosted by DjJohnBlaze, it began to heatwave across clubs, house parties and colleges. AMG was beginning to build a Hardcore Fan Base. With continuous success it was only a matter of time before his music became into high-demand. AMG’s second mixtape AZ Chillin’ Vol 2 releasing spring 2014 is sure to turn heads and is just the second install-meant of the AZ Chill’n mixtape series.

AMG would describe his style as “Real, Raw, Distinct, Hard, and one of a kind…I try to stay in my own lane and not sound like no one else”.

A Message From AMG 

I have some big things coming up this year from videos, photo shoots and magazine interviews just to name a few. Make sure you follow me on IG/ Twitter @AmgHustle to stay updated on all the latest music, videos and upcoming shows. I want to personally say thank you to everyone who support the Movement. MME #SALUTE Look for upcoming events from MME Artists, AMG HU$TLE also known as OBH$ (Ol Boi Hustle Stacks) and Mister Ben Hood. S/O to all the DJs, Magazines, Blogs and Websites who have continued to support my grind and HU$TLE. I appreciate that.

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